Level of training, Lifelong learning and dropout


This section presents statistical information on the educational variables collected in the Labour Force Survey of the National Statistics Institute, as well as in Eurostat's Labour Force Survey. The indicators of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (2021-2030) derived from these sources are highlighted. The information is presented broken down by Autonomous Community and by European Union country, according to the source used, and with temporal evolutions since 2002. The results are obtained as annual averages of quarterly data, so the information is updated annually, as the four quarters of the LFS are available, as well as the results derived from the Eurostat Community survey. From the 2014 LFS results, the new National Classification of Education, CNED-2014, is applied, based on the International Standard Classification of Education, ISCED-2011, applied in the LFS; and from 2016, the update of the sectors/fields of study of both classifications (CNED-F and ISCED-F) is applied. These changes in the classifications imply a break in series for some of the tables, as indicated in the accompanying notes.


  • Educational level of the population text/html
  • Indicators of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (2021-2030) text/html
  • Level of education and employment status text/html
  • Permanent and continuous training text/html
  • Transition from training to work. Early leaving education and training. text/html

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