LODI (Linked Open Data Inspector) - Visor de Open Linked Data

Fecha de publicación: 31-10-2017

URL al catálogo/s origen de los datos: http://opendata.unex.es/dataset

Nombre y apellidos: Quercus SEG

Organización: Universidad de Extremadura

Autor/Desarrollador: Quercus SEG


Licencia: Creative Common

LODI is a Linked Open Data resources' frontend for SPARQL endpoints. It watches all resources' information, including its attributes and relations.

  • Provides a simple HTML interface for users and a more complete one for developers.
  • Provides the posibility of getting resources' information in N3 format from developer's view.
  • Geospacial attributes will be displayed in a map.
  • Images with .jpg, .jpeg or .png will be recognized and displayed automatically.
  • Through the configuration file you will be able to choose the SPARQL endpoint, as well as some host portal information, such us its name, logo and link.