NSIP access

On 23 June 2022, the Data Governance Act (DGA) entered into force as a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council to facilitate data sharing within the EU's single market. The Act, applicable as of 24 September 2023, affects citizens, private companies, and public bodies.

Chapter II of said Regulation includes mechanisms to promote the reuse of data from the public sector that, for certain reasons, cannot be available as open data which is protected on the grounds of statistical or commercial confidentiality, intellectual property rights or for matters of privacy.

In Spain, datos.gob.es is the platform selected to establish the "National Single Information Point" (NSIP), from where citizens, companies or researchers can search for and find information on protected public sector data

Access is requested via:

INE: Access to microdata for scientific purposes (Request for recognition as a research entityRequest for access to data by a research entity)

Social Security: Social Security research rooms

Bank of Spain: Bank of Spain data lab (BeLab)


Request for access via the general NSIP form:

Access to general form