Whitewall Solutions

Year the company was founded: 2011

Company web page: https://whitewallsolutions.com/

Whitewall Solutions helps companies in their digital transformation by offering technological solutions for the acquisition, management, analysis and visualization of data.

Main products and services:

- Data acquisition
Whitewall designs hardware and develops software for data acquisition:
· Design and manufacture of embedded systems, gateways, etc.
· Digitization of assets (machines, products, tools).
· Creation of digital products.
· Integration of industrial communications.
· Sensorization.
· Implementation of IoT and IIoT solutions.

- Data management
They organize data to ensure that an organization's entire body of data is accurate and consistent, easily accessible, and adequately protected:
· Government, architecture and data modeling (Big data).
· Data storage (Data warehouse, Data lake, Data mart).
· Data security.
· Data integration (ETL).

- Analysis of data
They use the information provided by the data so that the company can make informed decisions with knowledge.
· Definition of KPIs.
· Business Intelligence (BI) implementation.
· Report generation.
· Demand predictions (Machine Learning).

- Data visualization
They design dashboards with real-time information individualized by departments or managers for viewing from a browser from any device or on videowalls.
· Custom dashboard design.
· Generation of alerts.
· Installation of videowalls.

Key to success:

Deep knowledge of technology and ability to interpret customer needs.

Data used:

Public (INE, Aemet, Omie, Omip):

- Monitoring system project for photovoltaic system:

- Project of a meteorological station for extensive agriculture:

- Smart Battery System Project:

- Dashboard project (demo) for public administration:

Company size:

1-10 employees



Level of internalization:

Chile, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Philippines, Greece, Germany, Jordan


They are mainly aimed at medium and large industrial companies.

Marketing model:

Desarrollo de soluciones a medida.

Further information:


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