Practical Manual to improve Open Data Quality

Fecha del documento: 29-12-2017

Calidad de los datos abiertos

Although, nowadays more and more data sources are available, this does not imply that they are easy to use. In fact, multiple barriers hinder their access and reuse, reducing their quality. 

Iniciativa Aporta publishes the Practical Manual to improve Open Data Quality; a handbook that proposes how to measure such quality, while reviewing the most frequent faults and practical recommendations to avoid them: rigid search tools; very limited, fragmented and outdated data; non-standardized formats, differentiated access according to the user or omission in data licenses, among others.

However, since open data quality is not only defined through the attributes of the data, the document also addresses how some reference datasets should be published, according to the recommendations developed by the Web Foundation and Open Knowledge International, belonging to three areas of knowledge:

  • Accountability
  • Social politics
  • Innovation

In this final section, details are included about the strengths, weaknesses, reference standards, national data as well as a list of high quality datasets published by other countries in each area.

The Practical Manual to improve Open Data Quality is conceived as an support material for those new or existing open data initiatives that seek to improve the services offered to the community through quality and reusable information.


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