The new edition of the Aporta Meeting will focus on high-value data

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December 18 2019

The 9th edition of the Aporta Meeting is already underway. The appointment will be on December 18 in Madrid, in the morning (from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.), and will be focused on high-value data.

High-value public and private data mean an extraordinary source of information to consider due to its great impact on citizens. When we talk about high-value data we refer to those categories delimited by Directive (EU) 2019/1024, of June 20, 2019, related to the geospatial, environmental, meteorological, statistical, commercial and mobility categories. This type of data are a key element to boost innovative services and generate socio-economic and environmental benefits for the entire population.

The relevance and interest of the community for high-value data has led to consider them the main axis of the new edition of the Aporta Meeting. Under the slogan "Driving high-value data", the challenges and opportunities that we will have to face in order to take advantage of all the value of this type of data will be addressed.

The event will be structured in 3 colloquium tables, each one focused on different actors linked to the data ecosystem: high-value data publishers, accelerators that try to boost their reuse, and companies that generate high-value services and products based on reuse.

  • Table 1: Towards the availability of high-value data. The first table will be formed by representatives of the public administrations generating high-value data. The objective is to analyse which data sets are already available and their potential applications, as well as which ones should be opened to respond to user demand and under what conditions: automated readable formats, downloadable through application programming interfaces (API) and in a massive way, with the granularity and necessary formats, and based on the appropriate licenses.
  • Table 2: Accelerating the use of high-value data. Table two will be a meeting point for projects aimed at boosting the European data-based entrepreneurship ecosystem. To this end, we have invite representatives of business accelerators and initiatives whose common denominator is to contribute to overcome the barriers faced by SMEs and data start-ups, in order to achieve success in the market.
  • Table 3. New technological paradigms and the importance of data for their development. The last table will have agents from the reuse sector that will discuss the opportunities offered by the availability of high-value data and the challenges that need to be faced to encourage its use.

The full agenda will be available in the coming weeks. You can follow the event news in social networks, with the hashtag #Aporta2019 and in