The XII Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures will focus on reuse and digital ecosystems

Web capture XII Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures
November 15 2021

The XII Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures (JIIDE, in Spanish acronyms) will be held virtually from 15 to 19 November 2021. In this online event, in which the Aporta Initiative will participate, technical sessions, workshops and round tables will be held to share and disseminate the harmonization, standardization and publication of geographic information through Spatial Data Infrastructures. Specifically, this edition will address issues related to reuse and digital ecosystems.

What are the JIIDE and who are they aimed at? 

The Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures is held once a year due to the collaboration between the Direção-Geral do Território de Portugal, the Govern d'Andorra and the Spanish National Center for Geographic Information. Its objective is to raise awareness of the state of development of interoperable spatial data services technologies through the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

This conference is aimed at professionals from the public administration, the private sector and academia who deal with geographic information. In other words, they are open to all those who use or intend to use Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) in the exercise of their activities.

What is the agenda?

The XII JIIDE will be held this year under the theme "Digital Ecosystems and Interoperability" and will be divided into four days (from November 15 to 19). Each of the 4 days will have different sessions throughout the day and all of them will end with a workshop in which the analyzed topics will be put into practice.

Here you can register to the workshops and sessions of the agenda of the XII Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures that are of your interest. To see the complete schedule of sessions, click on this link.

Topics such as the publication and exchange of data, the tools used or the local implementation of open data catalogs, among others, will be addressed. The Aporta Initiative will participate in the latter.

The Aporta Initiative at the JIIDE

On Monday, November 15, the Aporta Initiative will participate in the first session "Catalog and open data". During this intervention, the "Publication of the resources of the Official INSPIRE Data and Services Catalog in" will be discussed.

During the intervention, the collaboration between and the National Center for Geographic Information (CNIG, in Spanish acronyms) for the automatic publication of resources, i.e., through a federation process, will be presented. To achieve this, the Aporta Initiative has implemented a script that harmonizes the INSPIRE data and services catalog with the metadata defined in the NTI-RISP (Technical Standard for Interoperability) of the open data catalog

The presentation will have 3 main axes:

  • IDEE (Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain) / INSPIRE - APORTA interaction: areas of cooperation. After a brief presentation and introduction about the Aporta Initiative to explain what it is and what are our main functions in the world of open data, we will analyze the areas of cooperation between our initiative and the IDEE, which are characterized by three aspects: regulation, dissemination and cooperation.
  • Aporta - IDEE collaboration in publishing. One of the challenges in publishing the resources of the Official Catalog of INSPIRE Data and Services (CODSI, in Spanish) in was the large volume of existing data. To solve it, we proposed the automatic import to our portal the 527 datasets and information services available through a mapping procedure divided into two processes: the parse reading or INSPIRE metadata analysis process and the process of serialization to NTI-RISP metadata.
  • Next IDEE - INSPIRE actions.  In this point we will share some of the next actions that we will carry out in this aspect, such as the joint work for the definition and requirements of high value dataset in the Directive 2019/1024 or the inclusion of the geospatial characteristics of the European vocabulary DCAT-AP in the revised version of the NTI.

These are just some of the main ideas that will be addressed during the XII Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures. If you do not want to miss all the details, we invite you to register and participate in this interesting event.