5th edition of the report on the Infomediary Sector by ASEDIE

Fecha de la noticia: 18-04-2017

Annually the Multisectorial Information Association (ASEDIE) publishes a report analyzing in detail the national infomediary market. This fifth edition evaluates 636 Spanish companies whose activity is based on the re-use of public and/or private information to develop value-added products for third parties or citizens in general in the following sub-sectors: culture, directory services, economic and financial, publishing, market research, geographic information, meteorological, or tourism. The list has grown this year adding two new sectors: Infomediation technology and technical consulting.

According to the data provided in this last study, as in previous years most of the infomediary companies are located in Madrid (38%) and Catalonia (19%) In addition, the geographic information (24%), market research (23%), and the economic and financial (22%) industries are the most representative areas.

Regarding the total revenues for the year 2015, they increased to €1,705 billion; which means an average turnover of 2.68 million euros per company. An increase in 2015 close to 2% in comparison with the previous year.

In relation to the jobs created, according to the ASEDIE report, the infomediary sector employed 19,362 workers in 2015, a positive variation of 4.3% compared to the previous edition; with the largest growth was recorded in the economic and financial sector, with 219 employees more than in 2014, a similar number to the geographic information industry, with new 215 more employees.

Finally, at the closing of 2016 the total subscribed capital was 366 million euros, 20.7% lower than the previous year, after three consecutive years of growth.

Through this report, ASEDIE provides a detailed view of a growing sector at national level, which, thanks to its horizontal nature, is especially relevant in improving business management and the impact of the opportunities generated, both economically as politically and socially.